Compliance internal review and Audits

The Security Compliance internal review and Audits processes require resources that many companies cannot have in their internal structure, whatever reasons.

In Rabaneda Security Compliance Services, we can help you if you trust in us the outsourcing of your Security internal review and audit processes:

  • Internal Audits: internal audits will be scheduled and will be part of your company annual agenda. They will be established at strategic moments, so the audit results can be most effective.
  • Security Compliance daily monitoring: daily review of Compliance levels with all applicable Security regulations. We will provide you with the information you need so you can be aware of your Compliance status and evolution.
  • Compliance control and evidences review: to ensure the Security controls and requirements are implemented following the best practices, we will review and provide updated information on the validity and quality of those evidences. We will also help you fix any deficiency so the controls are properly implemented and evidences are relevant.
  • Internal Security policies, procedures and standards Compliance support: advice on compliance with your company Security policies, procedures and standards.