Scope of Security Compliance

The Security Compliance scope at every company is variable in time, so it requires supervision and continuous management. We provide the following services to ensure your company has control over the Security Compliance program:

  • Security Compliance scope definition: study of what the Security Compliance requirements apply, based on your company Security strategy.
  • Definition of the annual Security Compliance goals: design the Compliance agenda for a whole year, with obligations, milestones, audits, projects, etc.
  • Advice on creating the Security and Compliance strategy: advice to elaborate your company Security and Compliance strategy, after reviewing the requirements applying to your company.
  • Gap analysis against the applicable regulations: review of the Compliance levels against all applicable regulations.
  • Security controls and requirements report: develop a report including all security controls and requirements applying to your company, that must be implemented and comply with them.
  • Security Compliance scope continuous update: Compliance scope change management regarding the applicable regulations.