In Rabaneda Security Compliance Services we are convinced that the best driver for a company to implement an effective information security management system (in its wide sense), is the obligation to demonstrate compliance with security controls and requirements to be implemented. These can be found in internal company security policies, procedures and standards, or industry security standards, legislation or regulations the companies must comply with.

Comply with all applicable regulations and demonstrate compliance through certifications issued by third parties, is a goal every company should go for if the intention is to have a good Information Security practice implemented.

We also perfectly know in Rabaneda Security Compliance Services that comply with all relevant regulations in Security is hard work, complex and requires a lot of efforts, knowledge and resources. That is why our work is focused on facilitating all processes so our customers can successfully achieve their goals in Security Compliance.

For this, we have developed a work methodology, basically consisting in supporting the daily customer work in Security, so it comply with the regulations in a daily basis, doing the following (these are just a few tasks):

  • Internal control and Security audits in front of all applicable regulations
  • Performing internal audits
  • Preparation, management, advice in third party audits
  • Daily reviews of Compliance with all applicable regulations
  • Creation, management and follow-up of action plans for non-conformities remediation
  • Update of Security regulations scope

This methodology is valid independently the number of applicable Security regulations. It could be just one (GDPR, for example), or five or ten (some ISO standards, SOX, PCI DSS, etc.). A tool for regulations management is used and allows us to have a clear view, simplified and without redundancies, on all the Security requirements and controls that must be implemented, the customer must comply with and demonstrate compliance through evidences.

Independently the Information Security maturity level your company has, we can help you on your goals working closely as a trusted partner.

  • If you have not yet certified your company and there is a lack in Security compliance, we can help you using our methodology so you can achieve the Compliance levels that you define as your goal.
  • If your company is in the process of implementing and near to certification with any regulation, we can also help you achieving the goal and later maintenance of it.
  • If you have an acceptable maturity level, with at least one certification, we can be your trusted partner to maintain and keep the certifications in time and let you go for more ambitious goals.
  • If you have an advance maturity level, complying with all applicable regulations, with already gained certifications you renew every year, and passing third party audits on legal and other areas, we can also help you to simplify processes, resources, updating the regulations scope, simplifying the management system and managing your Compliance and Audit annual agenda.

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